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For Designers

From variables, to buttons, inputs, navbars or charts, you have all the necessary elements to design beautiful Web 3.0 interfaces.

For Developers

Save weeks of work when you use our fully coded sections and pages. Complete projects 5x faster and free up your time.

For Creators

Spend time doing what you love, the Art & Community. Let the hard part of creating and managing your NFTs in our hands.

From Startups to Fortune 500s, industry leaders trust our interfaces
By developers, for developers

Develop consistently using atomic design principles.

Using MultiversX UI you get everything you
need to start creating fully functional Web 3.0
dApps in days, not months.

By designers, for designers

Awesome color palette, variables & elements foundation.

Customize your colors, sizes, spacing or typography in minutes so they can fit perfectly for your brand. Spend time creating dApps logic and UX, our tools take care of the rest.

The secret tool of developers - Copy & Paste

Don't write from scratch. Coded examples are included.

Explore our Open Source UI library. Currently crafted for Bootstrap v5.0, soon will be released for React & Next.js too. Everything you need for modern Web 3.0 dApps is here.

<div class="card card-background border-radius-xl card-background-after-none align-items-start mb-4">
  <div class="full-background bg-cover" style="background-image: url('./assets/img/img-cube.jpg')"></div>
  <span class="mask bg-dark opacity-1 border-radius-sm"></span>
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    <div class="row">
      <div class="col-12">
        <div class="blur shadow d-flex align-items-center w-100 border-radius-sm border border-white mt-8 p-3">
          <div class="w-50">
            <p class="text-dark text-sm font-weight-bold mb-1">Charles Deluvio</p>
            <p class="text-xs text-secondary mb-0">17 Jul 2022</p>
          <p class="text-dark text-sm font-weight-bold ms-auto">Education</p>
<div class="px-1">
  <a href="javascript:;">
    <h4 class="font-weight-bolder mb-0"> MultiversX UI is the solution </h4>
  <p class="mb-4">A highly scalable, fast and secure blockchain platform for distributed apps.</p>
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Charles Deluvio

17 Jul 2022


MultiversX UI is the solution

A highly scalable, fast and secure blockchain platform for distributed apps.

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MultiversX UI will set a new building standard.

Here is a Wallet Example built with MultiversX UI. Soon there will be tens of sections and other screens that you can use to start your Web 3.0 Journey.

High standards of UI & UX

From idea to design. From design to code. From code to live.

All the sections and pages made with these elements will be fully responsive and will look beautiful on all types of screens, including phones, tables or desktops.

bootstrap react Soon next Soon react native Soon figma Soon


Coded Elements

From buttons, to inputs, navbars, alerts, tables, cards, or charts.


Starter dApps

We created some examples of a regular Wallet, Mint Template and NFT Collection show.


Components Variants

Each component is coming with multiple examples and customizble classes.


Global Styles

Colors, typography system, shadows, spacing, blur effects and many more.

What's coming?

Smart Contracts Templates will be available in Q2 2023.

Work in progress

Complementary solutions will be added in future

We work close with the community of developers, designers and NFT creators in order to deliver the best soltutions for their usecases.

MultiversX API Tutorials

We started with some examples of how you get the details of an NFT from the blockchain. We will add more examples of Minting NFTs, Transfer NFTs, Swap Tokens, DAO Management etc.

View tutorials
Web 3.0 Education Articles

We wrote a couple of general articles about Blockchains, Web 3.0 terms, Wallets etc. As soon as people will have an overview about this ecosystem we will start to write more in depth MultiversX Articles.

Read Articles
Custom Development Services

All the resources that we share are a good starting point in your journey. If you need extra support, our team will be there to help.

Custom Development
Coming soon
No-Code & Low-Code Builders

We will release some simple tools that will work as Drag & Drop solutions. Even if you don't know code or design you will be able to launch a dApp.

Coming soon
dApp Hosting Solutions

Building the dApps is one of the easy parts, but deploying it will give to developers some hard times. We want to make it as a simple solution.

Start from here

Fully coded dApps Examples

You can start using some of our dApps examples. They are pretty simple now. More complex situations will be released in the future based on community feedback.

My NFTs Collection dApp

It is a starter template for NFTs collection creators and is open source for the community. Anybody can add this Template to their website.

Learn More
NF-Tim dApp

NF-Tim dApp will allow holders to see their NFTs, download their products (utilities), download the book and view Rarities.

Learn More
Minting dApp Template

This template is made in partnership with Elrond Giants and it can be used as a starting point for any minting dApp.

Learn More
Open Source Documentation

Let's join forces and create more Open Source Web 3.0 Tools.

View Github